Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's So Hard To Say GoodBye

So we're coming to the end of our 30 days of Zumba. I know it's sad, but we must be strong. Before I started this blog post, I went back and looked at my past posts. OMG! Where has the time gone? I've come such a long way in my Zumba journey and I'm proud! :)))

Although I haven't been to a Zumba class in a minute, I enjoyed the class, I just don't have the time. Only if there were 27 instead of 24 hours in the day, I bet I would have so much more time to dedicate to Zumba.

Feel free to leave a comment! Do you ever feel as if you need more time to complete your tasks?

Fitness Skating

So I tried something new today....fitness skating? Yeah, won't do that again! Let me explain it to you. You put on little black footies and slide across a slick, black mat. Sounds fun, but it didn't feel like a workout at all!

I want results! I feel as if just doing crunches in your room by yourself would produce more results than fitness skating. That doesn't even sound right....fitness skating? I don't know. Maybe I'm just being close-minded, but let me know what you think!

Leave a comment!

'Cause We Like to Party

So, as previously said in my last blog, my sisters and I threw a party on Friday and we went to another party on Saturday, which was after my appearance in a statewide stepping competition. I worked out and did so much practicing and planning for events this weekend, I didn't even realize how tired I was until I finally sat my butt down. I'm pooped!
It was all worth it though. I had a great time, my sisters had a great time and so did the rest of campus. Now, I need to rest, but only for about two or three days! :)


I put my dress on and looked in the mirror before I stepped out for the party my sorority sisters and I threw and I look good! Of course I threw in a couple extra push-ups, crunches and jumping jacks before I took my shower, which by the way was so relaxing, but I believe it did me justice. The party was a success, my sisters and I looked great and the quick workout was a major success. See...procrastination isn't always a bad thing.

Thursday, March 22, 2012



WHY do I feel so sore! You know I think after having so many dance practices and doing regualr exercises on top of that is a NO NO! lol My thighs and arms are killing me! I need to go back to my zumba class because I do not rember being this sore afterwards!

But I can't complain too much because my legs are getting in shape and so are my arms!! Whoo Hoo!! I dont want to look like muscle woman but to have muscles and not "Jiggly Fat" is also good! lol 

Is there any other type of work outs that do not make you sore?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Crazy Week!!!"

Hi guys,

Wow this has been a CRAZY WEEK!!! I feel like I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off! 

I have so much school work, work, council stuff, and sorority work its crazy! Monday I went from one dance practice to another on the opposites ends of campus! I would have to say I worked out pretty good this week! I hate that it has been so busy this week that I have not been able to go to a Zumba Class this week? :( I still feel like I have gotten a great workout with these dance practices every night lasting over 2 hours! I still have the sweating face after Zumba, only thing different, Im not learning Im reviewing and teaching! I still feel great and having my sisters and other greeks around makes me put all my effort into every movement I do because I want to show them correctly how to do it, and how much energy should be put into when we are performing it!

How does having other people around/ depending on you affect your workout

-Lorena :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

"I just didn't feel like it!"

Hey guys,

Since the last thing I did was go to a Zumba class, it was time for me to hit the gym, but you know what? I JUST DIDNT FEEL LIKE IT!!! lol

I just didn't feel like putting on my workout git up, walking to the gym, and fighting with people over machines!

It may have to do with my birthday being this weekend and I didn't want to do a lot of work this weekend.

I find it getting harder and harder to make myself workout. I wonder if I would feel this way on my Zumba day?

any comments?

-Lorena :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Zumba for children!"

Hey guys,

As much as some people do not like to talk about it, children are becoming more and more on the "heavier side" Child obesity is increasing and it starts at home. What are you feed your children, are you encouraging activity, do you allow them to sit infront of TV/video games, do you practice what you preach? Parents are their child's first teacher!

Parents they look up to you and you have to set the tone for the rest of their lives! If you start showing healthy habits while you are raising them, then hypertension, type 2 diabeties, and other health problems can be prevented.

So yes you can take your children to Zumba classes! Zumba actually provides a program called "Zumbatomic"! This is for children ages 4-12 and provide high energy routines, confidence,  build coordination, and promotes family fitness! Check it Parents!! Sound great to me!! 

Doing simple things like walking out side together, going to the park and playing with them, parking far, Zumvatomic, doing workout tapes together, and any other form of physical activiey helps prevent child obestiy and family fitness!

So parents/ Moms/ families, What do you all do with your children?!!

-Lorena :)

"Great Quote!"

"People who are lazy and lack discipline are often people with the worse HEALTH & WEALTH"

-Robert Kiyosaki

Wow! I think this a great quote! Thanks Mom for showing this to me!

Any comments anyone?! :)

-Lorena :)

"Great Workout!"

OMG! I had such a great workout today in my class!

I have never left a dance class the way I did in the Zumba class! I was drenched in sweat, my thighs were burning, heart pumping, core burning, and my whole body just felt so good! I was tired, and out of breath, but I had a smile on my face!
During this class I did not worry about motivating myself, calories I was burning, what people were doing next to me, if I was getting the moves right, how long its been, or any other worries that do not help your work out, I was just dancing and having a great time!

The vibe in the room was very upbeat and high spirited,wanting to have fun, being yourself, and just moving was really promoted in the beginning, middle, and end of the class. I left the class feeling well worked out throughout the whole body, feeling better about my body, and I felt healthier!

I defintaly would recomend this class to so many people and I would be coming back!!

Any Zumba experiences people want the share?!

Thanks guys feeling good!

-Lorena :)


OMG Today I woke up so Sore!!!
My thighs, calves, shins, core, arms, and chest was killing me when I woke up!
Yesterday I walked a mile under 15 minutes! For me that is a big deal and I wanted to really challenged myself! I had my whole professional speed walking spirt and form going on! Seeing as I have not been a pretty active person, I decided to make a goal for myself and stick to it! I wanted to walk a mile under 15 minutes and I did! I believe since I challenged myself that was big motivator for me! I was not thinking about how many calories I was burning or who was around me, I simply wanted to accomplish my goal!

I also did some floor exercises! I did 70 crunches in 60 seconds! Next time I want to see if I can beat this score! I had to really push myself and think of a motivational things to keep me coming up each time. I had to think of my health, personal goals, my future, people I love, and the future new clothes I would by because I can't my old ones anymore! lol

Now when it came to this push up stuff, I am not a fan! I did 20 modified pushups in 60 seconds! I do not have the strongest upper body strenth, but compared to my first score of 12 pushups in 60 seconds, this was a great improvement in my opinion!

These activities was something simple that could be done and was not too time consuming it took 30-45 minutes when you include warm up and cool down. I learned that if I did not have a goal and motivational thoughts I may have found this workout boring. Well now to this Zumba class on Wednesday!

Wish me luck!

Can you guys beat my scores?!!

-Lorena :) 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Welcome Back"

If you all go to my school,

Now to Blogging,

Well, I am going to be honest, I slacked over spring break! Although I did not attend the Zumba classes over break due to unexpected issues coming up, I did partake in an activity. Although it wasn't Zumba I did use the MJ Experience on the Wii to bring some fun activity into my life! I know this blog is about Zumba, but my paper is not totally about Zumba classes; I would also like to look at any forms of dance that will engage people. Personally, I am not the kind of person that will go the the gym and run on a treadmill, sit on a bike, or any other equipment. I find it hard to keep myself motivated, and find it hard to even stay for a long period of time. I need to be doing some type of movement that allows my body to still work out and burn calories, and I have found dancing allows me to do so.

After spending time with my sorority sister over spring break, we decide to play the Wii together and get the MJ Experience! lol I'm not going to lie, she had to get me motivated at first! Once I got into it we had so much fun! We began with a slow song to "warm up" and played a 3-5 upbeat songs for our "work-out/ cardio" and ended with a nice slow song for our "cool down" Once I got into the dance moves, I no longer was worried about what I ate, how many calories I was burning, how long has it been since I started working out. I was able to just enjoy myself with my sister!

I found since I had someone there by my side to hold me accountable, I was more willing to give it my all. I was able to let go of the stress of trying to get healthy and "Just Dance." I think next time I will try having another person come along with me to a workout session. Maybe this will also effect how hard I work out, how long I workout, and what I will do.
What types of workout do you guys do?
Do you have friends with you, and does that affect your workout?

Until next time!
-Lorena :) 

Monday, March 5, 2012


Hey guys,

I have to admit, not doing  a good job! I did not exercise at all this weekend! I spent my time sleeping, but I think it was well needed sleep! But I am back in action; just because I am not in school right now (im on spring break!) I still want to go to Zumba classes. So to motivate myself I taking my Mom! Any other ideas on how to stay motivated during spring break guys?!

On another note, I am doing good with not eating unhealthy foods. I have been making sure there are vegetables on my plate, I'm fasting fast food places, and made good choices when I went out to eat this week!!! Im on a fitness roll who wants to join me?!

Question: What foods do you consider unhealthy or healthy? Is there a difference in the food or how its prepared?  

Really want some feedback guys, its going to help with my research! :)

Have a great day everyone
-Lorena :) 

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So Monday in my PFW class we did some Zumba related fitness routines and The Wobble! Had a great time, but that got me thinking  for my Tuesday's workout. Yesterday I decided to go on Youtube to see what I could find. Not only did I find the Wobble (of course) but I also found a Zumba routine to Pitbull's song- "Pause" Of the routines I found on Tuesday this was my favorite for some reason! Yesterday was a pretty good workout. I loved the fact that I was dancing and not just running on a treadmill! I was having more fun dancing and burning calories in my room than I would doing something at the gym. Felt really good and got to add my own "Swagg" to the Wobble and Pause routine! I wonder what todays workout will consist of?! I'll keep you guys posted!!

Check it out guys!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fE_64SdD27w           " Wobble"

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4jfNhXjEdg              " Pause"

Monday, February 27, 2012

"My First Day of Blogging"

For my Eng. 104 class I will be doing an immersive project and writing a detailed paper on my findings. I will be immersing myself into a Zumba class here on my campus and documenting and blogging about my experiences. I will also be comparing the workout you get from the Zumba class versus the workout you do on your own. These findings will be very interesting because some people feel taking fitness classes work better, and some people feel going to the gym by themselves is best. This blog is important so I can get feed back from you all!!!

Glad I got my first Blog entry out the way! That was nerve recking like The First Day of School!
-Lorena :)