Thursday, March 15, 2012


OMG Today I woke up so Sore!!!
My thighs, calves, shins, core, arms, and chest was killing me when I woke up!
Yesterday I walked a mile under 15 minutes! For me that is a big deal and I wanted to really challenged myself! I had my whole professional speed walking spirt and form going on! Seeing as I have not been a pretty active person, I decided to make a goal for myself and stick to it! I wanted to walk a mile under 15 minutes and I did! I believe since I challenged myself that was big motivator for me! I was not thinking about how many calories I was burning or who was around me, I simply wanted to accomplish my goal!

I also did some floor exercises! I did 70 crunches in 60 seconds! Next time I want to see if I can beat this score! I had to really push myself and think of a motivational things to keep me coming up each time. I had to think of my health, personal goals, my future, people I love, and the future new clothes I would by because I can't my old ones anymore! lol

Now when it came to this push up stuff, I am not a fan! I did 20 modified pushups in 60 seconds! I do not have the strongest upper body strenth, but compared to my first score of 12 pushups in 60 seconds, this was a great improvement in my opinion!

These activities was something simple that could be done and was not too time consuming it took 30-45 minutes when you include warm up and cool down. I learned that if I did not have a goal and motivational thoughts I may have found this workout boring. Well now to this Zumba class on Wednesday!

Wish me luck!

Can you guys beat my scores?!!

-Lorena :) 


  1. Hey aSpec! Although I'm not doing Zumba I have started a workout routine as well and totally relate to your soreness. I was hoping over time it would wear off but I spoke to someone that said if you aren't sore your routine isn't working. As far as push ups go, that is probably my hardest exercise to do. I can probably do about 10 of them before I completely want to faint! It's hard for me to do crunches because of my back so I bought this AbCoaster machine by Montel Williams. It is great! I did thirty reps yesterday and now I'm in pain! :). So as of now you have me beat on crunches and sit ups! As far as cardio goes, I'm doing the Insanity Workout and it's kicking my butt! I tried Zumba before and because my dancing abilities are non-existant I decided it wasn't going to work. Do you feel like Zumba is more exercising or dancing?

    Anyway good luck!

  2. Hey ASpec! :)

    so sorness is good? I just hate the fact that it lasts so long! Wow insanity!! You are really motivated because I can't hang with that guy!!!

    You are not they only one that said that about Zumba though

    and yea Zumba is more like me dancing and not comepletly about exercising for me. I like the fact that Im danceing and still exercising!

    Have you tried other fitness classes or are you a gym type of person? :)

    And thanks of the luck!! :)