Monday, March 5, 2012


Hey guys,

I have to admit, not doing  a good job! I did not exercise at all this weekend! I spent my time sleeping, but I think it was well needed sleep! But I am back in action; just because I am not in school right now (im on spring break!) I still want to go to Zumba classes. So to motivate myself I taking my Mom! Any other ideas on how to stay motivated during spring break guys?!

On another note, I am doing good with not eating unhealthy foods. I have been making sure there are vegetables on my plate, I'm fasting fast food places, and made good choices when I went out to eat this week!!! Im on a fitness roll who wants to join me?!

Question: What foods do you consider unhealthy or healthy? Is there a difference in the food or how its prepared?  

Really want some feedback guys, its going to help with my research! :)

Have a great day everyone
-Lorena :) 

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