Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Zumba for children!"

Hey guys,

As much as some people do not like to talk about it, children are becoming more and more on the "heavier side" Child obesity is increasing and it starts at home. What are you feed your children, are you encouraging activity, do you allow them to sit infront of TV/video games, do you practice what you preach? Parents are their child's first teacher!

Parents they look up to you and you have to set the tone for the rest of their lives! If you start showing healthy habits while you are raising them, then hypertension, type 2 diabeties, and other health problems can be prevented.

So yes you can take your children to Zumba classes! Zumba actually provides a program called "Zumbatomic"! This is for children ages 4-12 and provide high energy routines, confidence,  build coordination, and promotes family fitness! Check it Parents!! Sound great to me!! 

Doing simple things like walking out side together, going to the park and playing with them, parking far, Zumvatomic, doing workout tapes together, and any other form of physical activiey helps prevent child obestiy and family fitness!

So parents/ Moms/ families, What do you all do with your children?!!

-Lorena :)


  1. Ouch... I agree... I am parent that has been guilty of not always setting a good example... There was a time where my life was so busy w/a personal goal, daily family responsibibilites, that I did a poor job at this. Never too late to change. But I must confess my children have seemed to take the lead on this and are now motivating me.

  2. Well I am sure that you are a great parent. I dont know personally, but I can see parenting is not easy and comes with many responsibilities. No parent is perfect and may not do everything.

    Im glad to hear that your children have begun to motivate you! Maybe you all could do something together as a reward when you all reach a goal that you have you know... o maybe a trip/cruise to MEXICO!!! Nothing major :)

    I hear its nice down there :)