Monday, March 19, 2012

"I just didn't feel like it!"

Hey guys,

Since the last thing I did was go to a Zumba class, it was time for me to hit the gym, but you know what? I JUST DIDNT FEEL LIKE IT!!! lol

I just didn't feel like putting on my workout git up, walking to the gym, and fighting with people over machines!

It may have to do with my birthday being this weekend and I didn't want to do a lot of work this weekend.

I find it getting harder and harder to make myself workout. I wonder if I would feel this way on my Zumba day?

any comments?

-Lorena :)


  1. Well everybody has days like that! maybe once you get into your Zumba class your motivation will return. I have tried Zumba twice, I love the music but the only thing that discourages me about Zumba is learning the moves. As a beginner, I prefer verbal intruction when I am learning something new. But I haven't given up I am suppose to attend Zumba class with my daughter to give Zumba couple more tries before I make up mind... I do prefer the treadmill, or plopping in aerobic tape... cs

  2. Yea hopefully! and thats great that you are going with your daughter and giving it a few more tries!!

    I know it wasnt easy for me to pick up the moves at first but after a few more classes you begin to remember the routines and get the hang of it.

    you think your daughter being there will positively or negatively affect you Zumba experience.

    And as I am doing this research, I am finding that people prefer to use a treadmill or just run than taking a fitness class, everyone is different!

    :) Lorena