Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Great Workout!"

OMG! I had such a great workout today in my class!

I have never left a dance class the way I did in the Zumba class! I was drenched in sweat, my thighs were burning, heart pumping, core burning, and my whole body just felt so good! I was tired, and out of breath, but I had a smile on my face!
During this class I did not worry about motivating myself, calories I was burning, what people were doing next to me, if I was getting the moves right, how long its been, or any other worries that do not help your work out, I was just dancing and having a great time!

The vibe in the room was very upbeat and high spirited,wanting to have fun, being yourself, and just moving was really promoted in the beginning, middle, and end of the class. I left the class feeling well worked out throughout the whole body, feeling better about my body, and I felt healthier!

I defintaly would recomend this class to so many people and I would be coming back!!

Any Zumba experiences people want the share?!

Thanks guys feeling good!

-Lorena :)


  1. Wow that sounds great!!! Drenched with sweat! You are so motivating!!!

  2. Yea it was!!! Thank you! Have you taken any Zumba classes?!

  3. yes two classes, so far it really is not my thing, but maybe I should try a class like you had

  4. I agree. Zumba is really a fun exercise class. You're not competing with the other people in the class, you're just letting loose and enjoying the music and the dance moves. Its a great way to relieve tension and work-off some calories.

  5. Mom: Yea that would be great! I will have to find out the instructor's name and time she teaches!


    Thats great! Have you done any other type of fitness classes that may or may not involve dance?! And if so which works best for you?

  6. Zumba for me is a life, I wake up everyday looking to do my routines, My first days were challenging but once I master my the moves it's a chance to express your self with dance. Zumba for life!

    1. That's great!! I never thought about expressing yourself through Zumba! Do you go by yourself or with someone? If so, How does that affect you and your Zumba life?

  7. I roll solo to class but have made many new friends. The thing I love most is when the instructor puts me in front of the class to do a song, it feels great to master move I thougt where hard to do now I just go with it and have fun!

  8. That's good that you have made friends. And Great that you master the moves ya know!!! I have to admit, I don't get every move at first and I may struggle. What do you suggest I do? Or what do you do?