Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Welcome Back"

If you all go to my school,

Now to Blogging,

Well, I am going to be honest, I slacked over spring break! Although I did not attend the Zumba classes over break due to unexpected issues coming up, I did partake in an activity. Although it wasn't Zumba I did use the MJ Experience on the Wii to bring some fun activity into my life! I know this blog is about Zumba, but my paper is not totally about Zumba classes; I would also like to look at any forms of dance that will engage people. Personally, I am not the kind of person that will go the the gym and run on a treadmill, sit on a bike, or any other equipment. I find it hard to keep myself motivated, and find it hard to even stay for a long period of time. I need to be doing some type of movement that allows my body to still work out and burn calories, and I have found dancing allows me to do so.

After spending time with my sorority sister over spring break, we decide to play the Wii together and get the MJ Experience! lol I'm not going to lie, she had to get me motivated at first! Once I got into it we had so much fun! We began with a slow song to "warm up" and played a 3-5 upbeat songs for our "work-out/ cardio" and ended with a nice slow song for our "cool down" Once I got into the dance moves, I no longer was worried about what I ate, how many calories I was burning, how long has it been since I started working out. I was able to just enjoy myself with my sister!

I found since I had someone there by my side to hold me accountable, I was more willing to give it my all. I was able to let go of the stress of trying to get healthy and "Just Dance." I think next time I will try having another person come along with me to a workout session. Maybe this will also effect how hard I work out, how long I workout, and what I will do.
What types of workout do you guys do?
Do you have friends with you, and does that affect your workout?

Until next time!
-Lorena :) 

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