Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So Monday in my PFW class we did some Zumba related fitness routines and The Wobble! Had a great time, but that got me thinking  for my Tuesday's workout. Yesterday I decided to go on Youtube to see what I could find. Not only did I find the Wobble (of course) but I also found a Zumba routine to Pitbull's song- "Pause" Of the routines I found on Tuesday this was my favorite for some reason! Yesterday was a pretty good workout. I loved the fact that I was dancing and not just running on a treadmill! I was having more fun dancing and burning calories in my room than I would doing something at the gym. Felt really good and got to add my own "Swagg" to the Wobble and Pause routine! I wonder what todays workout will consist of?! I'll keep you guys posted!!

Check it out guys!           " Wobble"              " Pause"

Monday, February 27, 2012

"My First Day of Blogging"

For my Eng. 104 class I will be doing an immersive project and writing a detailed paper on my findings. I will be immersing myself into a Zumba class here on my campus and documenting and blogging about my experiences. I will also be comparing the workout you get from the Zumba class versus the workout you do on your own. These findings will be very interesting because some people feel taking fitness classes work better, and some people feel going to the gym by themselves is best. This blog is important so I can get feed back from you all!!!

Glad I got my first Blog entry out the way! That was nerve recking like The First Day of School!
-Lorena :)