Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So Monday in my PFW class we did some Zumba related fitness routines and The Wobble! Had a great time, but that got me thinking  for my Tuesday's workout. Yesterday I decided to go on Youtube to see what I could find. Not only did I find the Wobble (of course) but I also found a Zumba routine to Pitbull's song- "Pause" Of the routines I found on Tuesday this was my favorite for some reason! Yesterday was a pretty good workout. I loved the fact that I was dancing and not just running on a treadmill! I was having more fun dancing and burning calories in my room than I would doing something at the gym. Felt really good and got to add my own "Swagg" to the Wobble and Pause routine! I wonder what todays workout will consist of?! I'll keep you guys posted!!

Check it out guys!           " Wobble"              " Pause"

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